Polish online courses

Do you want to learn Polish but you live far away from Gdansk and you are not able to visit our school soon?

Still you can start to learn Polish with us. You can take Polish online classes. We teach Polish online – lessons using audio and video, so you can hear and see your teacher.

Take the classes at your home or your office. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a microphone.



                                                                                                     We invite you to Polish online courses!

  • You can choose the date, time and decide also how often you want to have your classes.
  • Classes are individual so the program is personalized to your needs. Lessons are interesting and focused on speaking with real conversations about your life, world’s news, sport, culture, history, journeys or topics you need for your job.
  • You will be able to use Polish with your Polish friends, family, during your travel to Poland or use it in your work.
  • You will get the materials for your lessons and also homeworks. You can send  your completed exercises to your teacher’s mailbox.
  • You will see your progress by completing worksheets after each part of material

Register now!

One session (60 minutes) costs 18 Euro.

We are sure that:

We believe that you will speak Polish if you wish to do it!

You are not too young or too old to start learning a foreign language.

You can find some free time each week for a lesson.

Our teachers will be your guides in process of fast learning Polish.

No more excuses!

Skpe lesson


       Start learning today! :)